An overview of all SONY stationary PAL Video8 und Hi8 Recorders

Dear reader! STRM6552 I sell STRM6552

Good to see you on my page! I collect, repair, service and rent stationary (230V~) Video8 and Hi8 VCR’s, mainly developed and marketed by Sony. I know these VCR’s and their technology since their first appearance on the PAL market in the mid-80’s! This series of VCR’s was serviced and improved by Sony for about 20years.

Today you may hardly find a technician, experienced in the comparatively laborious clockwork like mechanics. The design of V8 drives took different approaches than that of VHS or Beta drives. Also there was hardly any competition or pressure to develop more and more efficient drives, as was the situation especially for VHS-drives. This fact, however, did not prevent Sony from developing three completely new types of V8 drives. These were offered and praised to the market with phrases known the VHS market, like mid-drive or high speed drive.

Way down on another page you will find many pictures of all the V8 models as well as a table with a comparison of the technical data of all the V8 models: only amateur and semi professional models from the S, C, P, or T series. Professional V8 models from the EV-O series as well as video cameras and camcorders are not included. Every now and then, however, I offer also some of those other Sony models.

Right now I have a very well working, serviced and less used EV-O 9700P. This is a real beauty with 2 independent Hi8 drives. Both of which have separate video and audio amps and can be used for parallel digitizing work. So you actually have 2 Hi8 players. By the way it comes with the instruction book, the keyboard and a professional heavy duty jog shuttle. With that you have everything in one hand and will be able to work much faster than with any other device

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